U-Glass in architecture

What is U-glass?

U-glass can also be called profiled glass and it is a channel-shaped glass element with textured surfaces that are produced by casting

U-glass was established in the 1980s. It can be used internally and externally and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Architects like Steven Hall or Mansilla y Tuñon have been using it for many years with great results. 

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City
by Steven Hall
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
by Steven Hall
Community of Madrid Documentation Centre
by Mansilla y Tuñon

Installation of U-glass

U-glass is installed without transoms and is popular not only for industrial applications. It may be erected as single-leaf, single-leaf "sheet piling" systems or as double-leaf systems

single leaf - single leaf "sheet piling"- double leaf

As a rule, the profiled glass is installed according to the "push-in" system, where the glass is slipped into a frame profile that should be at least 20mm at the top and 12mm at the bottom. These glass edge cover dimensions are necessary to ensure the stability of the wall as a whole.

 Detail of the double skin facade with U-glass at the outer side.Nelson Atkins Museum of Art; Steven Hall architects.
Taken from Façades Confidential

U-glass Types

Profiled glass can also be produced with a wire mesh insert like wired glass. 

Green Tint without wires - Green Tint with wires - Clear Tint with wires - Clear Tint without wires      

And it can also be Coloured. Coloured U-glass is not a tint or enamel applied finish. The glass mix is produced to the colour prior the U-glass being fromed. This ensures a consistent colour straight through the glass thickness.

Cobalt blue -  Grey - Green

At the present time Saint Gobain is also offering Extra Clear and Satinated U-Glass and Pilkington is offering thermally toughened glass, sandblasted finish and U-glass with low-e (heat insulating coating)

U-glass Advantages

The double-leaf system achieves a better standard of thermal insulation. Unlike insulating units, the cavity formed by the channel sections is not hermetically sealed and dehumidified but instead contains air with a corresponding relative humidity. To prevent condensation as the moist air cools, an opening to the drier outside air should be provided. This vapour-pressure equalization minimizes condensation and enables the cavity to dry out.

  • Light diffusion and intimacy
  • Uniform light diffusion
  • Simple installation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Noise control
  • Safety

U-glass Manufacturers

These are the two major manufacturers of U-glass:

Saint Gobain

For more information, you will be able to download there brochure here.


For more information, you will find all their brochures to download here.
You will be able to download the Autocad blocks here


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