Do I need planning permission? -in the UK-

If you are planning on carrying on some construction work in your house and you are not sure whether you will need to ask for Planning Permition or Building Regulations Approval you should go to the Planning Portal  for the right guidance.

There you will find an interactive drawing of a house and one of a terraced house and you will get the information that you need by clicking on the different elements of the house.

Image extracted from the Planning Portal

Building regulations approval

You usually need building regulations approval if you:
  • put up a new building
  • extend or alter an existing building
  • convert the loft space
  • replace your windows
  • install services or fittings in a building including the following:
    • washing and sanitary facilities
    • hot water cylinders and foul water and rainwater drainage
    • replacement windows
    • any fuel burning appliances
    • some electrical work.
For all of the above work you will need to apply for building regulations. See below to select either the:

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