Riurau: rural architecture in la Marina Alta

A Riurau is an important part of rural architecture in la Marina Alta, a region in the north of Alicante. They provide rural houses with the necessary space to store reed mats which are used to dry grapes and produce raisins.

Riurau "Tia Maria"
picture by #alambiLAB

Riurau Architecture

Riuraus are usually built facing to the south, the sunniest part of the house. Occasionally they may be found facing to the east but never north or west. A riurau can be attached to a house (like the one seen in the picture above) or it can be detached (like the one seen in the image below) but it will always be facing a large, flat area of land called the "sequer".

Auditorium Teulada-Moraira

Architecture in la Marina Alta

Few days ago our friend and artist Josep Ginestar exhibited his work in the "III Muestra de Enoturismo y Gastronomía" and it was the perfect excuse to visit the Auditorium of Teulada, a new example of contemporary architecture in our region.

Picture by #alambiLAB

The building was designed by Francisco Mangado an architect from Navarra. It has 5.100 sqm and it was finished in 2011. The auditorium is located in the highest point of Teulada from where it can be seen the town of Moraira, right next to the sea.

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