Tips and ideas for bathrooms: storage space

The bathroom is becoming on of the areas of the house where people exhibits more design. I think this may be influenced by the importance that toilets are getting in bars and restaurants. I don't know about you, but if I eat in a good restaurant, I will  go and check out the toilets as most of the time good food means good toilets, even if that may sound crazy,...

Storage is an increasingly important part of our homes and most of the time we are lacking space to store all of our belongings. 

Which are the things that we want to store in our bathrooms? Which are the things that we want to display and use as decorative elements in our bathroom and which are the things that we want to hide? These are questions that we may ask to ourselves in order to make sure that the design of our bathroom will take into account our requirements. 

In order to display some things and hide others, we need furniture with doors and shelves to display decorative elements such as plants or bath salts that will give a bit of color to the space.

In order to plan for storage space in our bathroom we have several options that we will show you below:
  • Mirrors as a storage space
Delos from Duravit

Decorative tiles: cement tiles and other options

With this post we want to open a new section of the blog where we will be giving you some tips and ideas for your projects.

Today we will talk about decorative tiles: an old fashion that is coming back. We can find this type of tiles at different prices and used in different ways giving a touch of colour to our homes.

  • Cement Tiles

In this project Foreign Bear Studio uses hydraulic cement tiles to mark out spaces. On the left image the tiles are defining a semi-exterior space connected to the courtyard and on the right image the tiles mark out the dinning area like a rug would do.

Cement tiles used by Foreign Bear Studio 

In both cases the cement tiles are combined with concrete flooring.

Mosaic del Sur not only offers a great variety of patterns but they also offer the possibility to design your own mosaics and they will manufacture them in 3 to 5 weeks. These tiles are made in Spain, a country with long tradition in manufacturing this type of tiles. 

U House

We can now see the skeleton of Casa U

Picture by @alambiLAB

U House

The construction of  Casa U continues at a good pace.

Picture by @alambiLAB

In this picture you can see the garage which is almost finished and how the foundations are laid for the rest of the house.

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