Tips and ideas for bathrooms: storage space

The bathroom is becoming on of the areas of the house where people exhibits more design. I think this may be influenced by the importance that toilets are getting in bars and restaurants. I don't know about you, but if I eat in a good restaurant, I will  go and check out the toilets as most of the time good food means good toilets, even if that may sound crazy,...

Storage is an increasingly important part of our homes and most of the time we are lacking space to store all of our belongings. 

Which are the things that we want to store in our bathrooms? Which are the things that we want to display and use as decorative elements in our bathroom and which are the things that we want to hide? These are questions that we may ask to ourselves in order to make sure that the design of our bathroom will take into account our requirements. 

In order to display some things and hide others, we need furniture with doors and shelves to display decorative elements such as plants or bath salts that will give a bit of color to the space.

In order to plan for storage space in our bathroom we have several options that we will show you below:
  • Mirrors as a storage space
Delos from Duravit

This mirror from Duravit is one of my favorite ones becase it doesn't only wors as a mirror and cabinet but it has LED lighting fitted in a subtle and elegant way. 

Dror from Boffi
This is a bathroom storage cabinet with a unique opening system: a rotating mirror. When closed, it is horizontal mirror with clean lines. When open, it is a vertical mirror with shelving space. This is not as practical as the Delos but offers great flexibility and aesthetic design both open and closed. 

Other designs that we also like are:

Mirror with lighting from Duravit

And another of our favorites is this cabinet with mirror designed by Andreas Strupple for Duravit. This cabinet not only has lighting features but it has a convenient shelf under the mirror.  

Luna de Roca

    • Cabinets under the sink
    X-Large from Duravit

    What we like the most about this collection designed by Sieger Design is the great amount of combinations that it offers. It is a modular system not only offers solutions for small spaces with a single module but it also offers great flexibility when planning the storage space in the bathroom. 

    With moduls and drawers, shelves with doors, shelves without doors and just a horizontal board with a towel hanger, this collections is able to offer solutions for a great amount of spaces and budgets. And not only that, it also offers different type of finishes that range from white lacquered to different types of wood. 

    Strato de Inbani

    Because of its simplicity, elegance and touch of color, this is one of my favorite collections.

    Strato is also a modular system that can adapt to any space. It offers standard modules with doors, drawers, sliding doors, shelves and mirrors. Moreover, you can choose different type of finishes: Natural Wood, Glossy or Matt Lacquer on MDF - waterproofing. And the tops can be made of Corian, SolidSurface or Tempered Optical Glass offering a wide range of options to customers and making of this a very versatile collection

    Other designs that we also like are:

    Ketho from Duravit

    Durastyle from Duravit

    Structure from Inbani

    Heima from Roca

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