Trips & Architecture: The Architecture of Berlin and the surroundings.

In this post I would like to show you some images from the buildings I visited when I went to Berlin. Most of the pictures were taken in September 2004 and February 2006.

My intention is to provide you with a mini-guide to the modern architecture of Berlin.

Berlin Philharmonic @alambiLAB 2006

Berlin National Library @alambiLAB 2004

Sony Centre @alambiLAB 2004

Sony Centre @alambiLAB 2006

Nordic Embassies @alambiLAB 2004

Nordic Embassies@alambiLAB 2006

Nordic Embassies@alambiLAB 2006

5- Mexican Embassy / Francisco Serrano i Teodoro González de León

Mexican Embassy @alambiLAB 2004

6- Swiss Embassy / Diener & Diener

Swiss Embassy @alambiLAB 2004

7- The Ludwig Erhard Haus / Sir Nicholas Grimshaw

The Ludwig Erhard Haus @alambiLAB 2004

8- The Snake / Georg Bumiller

The Snake @alambiLAB 2004

Fire and Police Station @alambiLAB 2004
House of the Cultures of the World @alambiLAB 2004

GSW HeadQuarters @alambiLAB 2004

GSW HeadQuarters@alambiLAB 2004

12- Flats at Hansaviertel / Alvar Aalto

Galeries Lafayette @alambiLAB 2004

Galeries Lafayette @alambiLAB 2006

Image extracted from The Accounts

Jewish Museum @alambiLAB 2006

Jewish Museum @alambiLAB 2006

Reichstag @alambiLAB 2004

Reichstag @alambiLAB 2006

17- Paul Löbe Haus / Stefan Braunfels

Paul Löbe Haus @alambiLAB 2004

Pariser Platz 3 @alambiLAB 2004

Neue National Gallery @alambiLAB 2004

Unité d'Habitation @alambiLAB 2004

Picture by Nathan Willock

22- Exhibition Hall of the German Historical Museum / I.M. Pei

Exhibition Hall @alambiLAB 2004

23- TV-tower Alexanderplatz / Hermann Henselmann

Alexanderplatz @alambiLAB 2004

AEG Tirbinenfabrik @alambiLAB 2004

Chapel of Reconciliation @alambiLAB 2004

The embassy of the Netherlands @alambiLAB 2006

Bauhaus Archive @alambiLAB 2004

28- Wohnhaus Schlesisches Tor / Alvaro Siza Vieira

Wohnhaus Schlesisches Tor @alambiLAB 2006

Photo by dailyphotostream

Crematorium Baumschulenweg @alambiLAB 2004

Crematorium Baumschulenweg @alambiLAB 2004

Velodrom @alambiLAB 2006

Berlin Hauptbahnhof @alambiLAB 2006

Bauhaus in Dessau @alambiLAB 2004

Bauhaus in Dessau @alambiLAB 2004

FEA in Dessau @alambiLAB 2004

FEA in Dessau @alambiLAB 2004

Einstein Tower in Potsdam @alambiLAB 2004

Einstein Tower in Potsdam @alambiLAB 2006

In order to illustrate the potential routes I have attached a map that I found in Archdaily. In this map you will find most of the buildings that I visited and it can help you plan your own architectonic route of Berlin. 

View Architecture City Guide: Berlin in a larger map

I hope you liked it and will be useful for you at some point.
From my side I'll try to go back to Berlin soon so I can update this mini-guide with the latest buildings that have been constructed in the last years.

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